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neversink : branding

neversink apple brandy

Challenge — Design a Logo mark and branding to elicit a sense of craftsmanship and levitytfc tag

Result —A comprehensive brand strategy and competitor analysis. Visually we arrived at two distinct logos. One for the Farm, One for the Distillery and hey, why not, One for the umbrella company, known as The Food Cycle,

The Food Cycle
 creates high-quality produce, beers, and spirits through a process good for consumers and friendly to the environment. They foster connections to the land they live and make their product on. The food cycle consist of several, interlocking businesses; currently, a farm, a distillery, and a brewery. Each interlocking business contributes outputs to and receives inputs from the rest of the organization, making it stronger, more sustainable, and as energy efficient as possible.

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neversink apple brandy

neversink : branding

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