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KdC Branding + Strategy

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Challenge — Develop a branding solution and strategy that embodies the rebellious and eclectic spirit of an historic factory, while projecting a sense of maturity and fun.

Result — A unique logo stamp embodying both the architectural structure and a hand gesture calling attention was developed and paired with a reversed typeface indicative of the non-standard approach to curation and facilitation, as well as types of events we proposed would set this site apart from anything within 50miles… 100 even.  Going a few strategic steps beyond , we secured knockdown.center and developed an equally eclectic and measured branding collateral while giving particular attention to the development and growth of the program and future cadre of events.

Info — The 50,000 square foot building has seen continuous use for more than 100 years: first as a glass factory, then as a door factory. It is named for the Knock-Down door frame that was invented here in 1956 by Samuel Sklar and remains an industry standard to this day. The frame could be shipped in pieces — or “knocked down” — and installed into existing walls, revolutionizing the speed and efficiency of building construction.

The factory has since remained in the Sklar family and is again a site for innovation. Having undergone a renovation that is equal parts preservationist and state of the art, Knockdown Center now produces and hosts cultural events and exhibitions that respond to its unique architecture and dimensions, while inspiring the most inventive, courageous, and powerful creative projects on site. Featuring programming of diverse formats and media, Knockdown Center aims to create a radically cross-disciplinary environment.


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kdc sales front

KdC Branding + Strategy

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